Data Graphics


Design some kind of data system which documents items within your wardrobe, this information may be surprising and challenging.

This brief was a hard one and proved a challenge to many co-students, with many projects being very similar & ideas being very limited.

My piece was based on the fact I have four different sizes within my wardrobe, and even the same size clothing may differ in size when worn. Therefore I compared all the different store size guides in which I shop at, this resulted in me finding a real fluctuation within sizes.

I then created a bar chart comparing this fluctution with the British trading standard sizes, illustrating this bar chart by using the London skyline (trading capital of the UK). I used Landmarks within London to highlight the stores and how they increase in size compared to the trading standards i.e. +1.

This bar chart was created around the clothing size, 10. As this was the modal value within my wardrobe.





Being given an organisation, you are required to design directional signage, that will be used internally within a building. With complete creative freedom, your signs should be unique to your organization, rather than a mundane system which could be used for any organisation.

The Film Society

When given the film society I originally had a positive response, however with no restraints, film became a large topic very quickly. The two ideas I ended up using are; UP/ Watership Down and also a projection idea.

UP & Watership down

The two directions for this idea is Up & Down, due to the titles of the film. These pieces are simple vector images which direct the audience the intended way. The UP became much more of an installation when fiddling with this brief, I really wanted to integrate balloons into the piece, therefore I created a trail of balloons, which you follow up the stairs.
Reflecting back, the Watership down piece I feel is slightly weaker than the UP, therefore I may choose to revise this at a later stage.



Originally this was the weaker idea out of the two, before now I had never created a moving image in Graphic design and had never dared touch programmes such as Premiere Pro & After effects. However by following this idea through, I learnt a lot of valuable knowledge on these programmes, which I can now carry through to other projects. The idea behind this projection was to combine well known film clippings together, which are all going in a certain direction (i.e. right) and create an old fashioned moving image. This would then be projected onto a wall, in turn guiding the film society members the correct way.

The two directions I created were upstairs and Right. One of the film clips can be seen below.



With the end of the semester drawing to a close and assessment period looming. I decided to revise my Discover & Reveal project, the outcome is shown above. The addition of text and the increase in colour and saturation makes a bigger impact on the viewer and allows them to have a much more fuller understanding as to what the poster is displaying.

Me, Myself & I.


By being given a booklet from an anonymous source, which shows a single persons personality through a range of questions and exercises. I was asked to produce a range of characters and figures, showing an extensive, experimental, and thorough process. Then to display these in context i.e. promotional booklet, poster.

At first encounter with the me myself and I booklet, I realised the person I had acquired had many girly traits, was very optimistic and enjoyed Disney. When delving further into the booklet, the person seemed to have a history behind them and was struggling to let go of the past. When asked certain questions they would reply in a very hidden, masked, negative way. I summed up this person in six words, the strongest of them being ‘Escapist’.

With this word I created a dingbat typeface, one of A-z. With one rule & one simple exception.

The rule
Each letter was to be a single vector image, of an iconic object/photo/character, from a Disney film which starts with the same letter as what was being created.
I.e. F > Finding Nemo > The character ‘Nemo’

The Simple Exception
The letter ‘X’ was the exception to this rule, and simply makes or breaks the whole typeface. The letter ‘X’ was represented as an exit man, this was a merging of two separate ideas, the exit man was to show how the personality I was given was an escapist and how this exit man was ‘running away to Disney’.

With this dingbat typeface, which I named ‘Escapist’, I then created two posters to show the typeface in context. These two posters are shown above. The poster on the right reads ‘Escape x’ and was to show how the typeface can be used in letters, sealed with n kiss (x), sealed with an exit man.