Data Graphics


Design some kind of data system which documents items within your wardrobe, this information may be surprising and challenging.

This brief was a hard one and proved a challenge to many co-students, with many projects being very similar & ideas being very limited.

My piece was based on the fact I have four different sizes within my wardrobe, and even the same size clothing may differ in size when worn. Therefore I compared all the different store size guides in which I shop at, this resulted in me finding a real fluctuation within sizes.

I then created a bar chart comparing this fluctution with the British trading standard sizes, illustrating this bar chart by using the London skyline (trading capital of the UK). I used Landmarks within London to highlight the stores and how they increase in size compared to the trading standards i.e. +1.

This bar chart was created around the clothing size, 10. As this was the modal value within my wardrobe.


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