Brief: You now have a 300-1000 word story based on one of these four themes

Guilt, Risk, Loss & Luck

You also have it distilled into a simple sentence, these will now form the content for your brief. Find a compelling way of expressing your story in the form of a book.

Story found here

For this project I produced a ‘Tower of Mistakes’. I did this to symbolise how every relationship has its common faults and errors. Therefore creating a tower to symbolise how these mistakes are all built on top of one another. Making one mistake may not affect the relationship or structure a great deal, however the more you make the more the structure becomes weakened, as described within the story.

The colour scheme I kept to a minimal to allow all the attention to be drawn to the text. Also the colour white is commonly referred to as the colour of purity and perfection. So therefore on first glance the viewer believes the piece to be quite tranquil and innocent, however on proper observation you realise that it is far from peaceful.

The hard-back book containing the story, is hidden within a Jenga cube itself, which forms one layer of a typical Jenga game (75x75mm). This book is simple and minimalistic to match the other components. And also contains quotes and responses from friends and family in relation to the topic Love/ Relationships.

The box which the Jenga blocks are contained in fits with the theme well, simple with two words hand cut into it.

Jenga & Vunja, Build & Break.




Quotes &* Responses

A compilation of responses I received when creating ‘Jenga’, these are all featured within my book.

Being fifty-four there are somethings in life I would do the same & some things I would surely change.

Even though I still have a dog, I miss my two companions everyday…they were always by my side
– Sheila

Addiction ruins everything or anyone I ever meet

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love
-Albert Einstein

Why believe when everyone around me dies.

Life Lessons
You may have thought I didn’t see,
Or that I hadn’t heard.
Life lessons that you taught to me.
But I got every word.
Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we’d grow apart.
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It’s written on my heart.
Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be
The woman I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.
I’ve grown up with your values.
And I’m very glad I did;
So here’s to you, dear father.
From your forever grateful kid.

Not friends,
Not enemies,
Just strangers with some memories.

Some responses which were unfortunately not included within the book; A big thank you to you, you know who you are!