Stage One Portfolio

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An opportunity to bring together a ‘portfolio’ of work together from Stage one…a well presented body of work which reflects your achievements and highlights your journey this year.

Contains three projects which I feel were my most successful this year, bounded together using black card and a bulldog clip.


Thrift Shop

End of year, Collaborative Project


We want you to create your own ‘adventure in motion’ that explores how Falmouth is changing and how Falmouth is changing you. Explore the concept of ‘Transition’ in a positive way via a progression. In a group deliver a 60 second film which has a sense of playfulness and risk.


Faith Nelson
Amy Tyler
Claire Leach
Melissa Shergold

Presenting Thrift shop…


Bolton Sixth Form College, Art & Design Exhibition 2012


Sometimes it is refreshing to delve into your past. Realising how far you’ve come and still how far you have yet to go before you accomplish your goals.