Elephant Tour

The Elephant Parade is ‘the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation’ and is currently on tour throughout the UK.
I was fortunate enough to see the elephants on tour, the herd arrived at the Trafford Centre on the 19th of August and have brightened up the centre! The Elephant parade was created by father and son Marc and Mike Spits in 2006, whilst travelling in Thailand Marc met the founder and Secretary General of Friends of the Asian Elephant and founder of the FAE Elephant Hospital, the first hospital in the world for elephants. Here, Marc met a baby elephant name Mosha, who had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine. This is what inspired Marc and now to show a unity between the elephants and to symbolise Moshas strong presence in the cause each elephant has a ring of hearts around their leg.
My favourite elephant was one designed as an ice cream cone, the elephant was in a sat down position and cheekily had his tongue out to lick a strawberry.


elephant collage

© 2013 Faith Nelson



Self explanatory, got bored with packing so thought I’d get my craft on! Saw some jam jars, remembered an old post on my feed showing you how to decorative for cheap and started playing! Got a little bit messy (but that’s half[& more] the fun)

These little pots will be following me to Falmouth!


Pressing Flowers

So recently it was my birthday and I got a flower delivery, a lovely present to wake up to! (Especially after an excruciating 5am start at Next) However as we all know flowers never last and usually you can get a weeks pleasure out of them, before they start dying off and becoming something you don’t really want to remember your present as. So before this happened I thought I would give flower pressing a go! This is my first attempt and I will be including this pressed flower in a handmade book later down the line.

Please feel free to comment with any advice and tips for future pressing!

© 2013 Faith Nelson

© 2013 Faith Nelson

Do you know your onions?


So recently I have read the book Know Your Onions: Graphic Design written by Drew de Soto [http://www.knowyouronions.info]. This book appealed to me originally due to the aesthetics of the book, a simple design consisting of three colours with a neon orange spine. I’m glad I judged this book on the cover, because it turned out to be a great read. Drew de Soto begins the book with an introduction, explaining what the book is about and also his position within Graphic Design. Then carries on covering a wide range of topics from the creative period, sketching with pencil and paper through to the finishing processes, how to print and which paper and inks work best. The book is full of handy little tips and tricks which Drew de Soto has learnt during his 25 years in the design industry, such as turning pages upside down when kerning characters so your eye focuses on the spaces in-between better (a tip he himself learnt from a student on a work placement).

Know your onions

Book making

“Maybe you are a graphic designer who wants to escape from the virtual to make something real”

So today I spent a couple of hours starting the book ‘How to make Books- Fold, Cut and Stitch your way to a one-of-a-kind book’ By Esther K. Smith.

I made a rough version of each type that I learnt to make this afternoon. These include Basic Instant Books, three versions of instant accordions, self hinged accordions & also basic covers with spines.

Even though this is only the start of this project, I’m already excited to see the work I could produce from these techniques. It really is nice escaping the virtual world and having a hands on approach.