Do you know your onions?


So recently I have read the book Know Your Onions: Graphic Design written by Drew de Soto []. This book appealed to me originally due to the aesthetics of the book, a simple design consisting of three colours with a neon orange spine. I’m glad I judged this book on the cover, because it turned out to be a great read. Drew de Soto begins the book with an introduction, explaining what the book is about and also his position within Graphic Design. Then carries on covering a wide range of topics from the creative period, sketching with pencil and paper through to the finishing processes, how to print and which paper and inks work best. The book is full of handy little tips and tricks which Drew de Soto has learnt during his 25 years in the design industry, such as turning pages upside down when kerning characters so your eye focuses on the spaces in-between better (a tip he himself learnt from a student on a work placement).

Know your onions


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