I like Orange Butterflies

Going back to old school techniques, I took a three-hour workshop to gain some insight into Screen Printing. I had already touched on this process in college, however the technique used here was a much more professional approach!

These were two of my more successful prints, as initially the paper kept getting stuck to the screen which made the ink patchy.

© 2013 Faith Nelson


Rock the Box

Stepping out into the world last week, I did a one-week live brief which ran along side of my studies.

The brief was to produce a campaign identity for Rock the Box, which is a music filled event run and designed by members of the public. The campaign aims to raise money and also awareness to the disasters in Syria. An A3/A4 illustrative poster was required, which would encourage the intended audience (18-30yr old M/F students) to attend an event, grabbing their attention.

There was a few creative elements in which we had to consider and also a set colour palette to stick to. With all this in mind I created the poster above.

I used a drum kit as the main image as it gave a clear indication of what the poster was about and I continued this into the text by having the X of the word Box made up of two drumsticks. The drum bass was kept blank to allow the artists or band to write in their own information.
I stepped out of my comfort zone with this poster as it was a tight deadline to make and I also introduced colour going for a more illustrative feel which as you can see from my blog isn’t my normal style.

Faith Nelson 2103

Unfortunately my poster was up against two third years and after a four-hour debate on which poster to choose, mine lost the battle. For the time we dedicated to each of our posters we all got given a Goody bag full of Supporting Syria merchandise…the dog was worth it.

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Editorial Photography

© 2013 Faith Nelson

© 2013 Faith Nelson

So second year has come around quite fast and currently we are doing intense, week-long briefs. For our consumerism module, week two we had to capture a single image which explores a set target audience in a truthful, unedited light. We had three sets of people to choose from; Urban Youth, Mature Workforce and Real Cornwall.

I chose Mature Workforce and centred my project around an old chap named Brian who owns a woodwork studio close to where I live. I spent a couple of hours with Brian and his wife Margaret to really get to grips with what he lives for and how his shop came about. Whilst spending time with Brian he made me a handmade wooden pen and in return I have printed out both of the above pictures to return as a thank you for their time.

I thoroughly enjoy this project as it allowed me to escape from the studio and explore where I live. I also enjoyed talking to locals, tourists and shop-owners as I feel it allowed me to build up my confidence here in Falmouth and have a sense of ‘community’.