Rock the Box

Stepping out into the world last week, I did a one-week live brief which ran along side of my studies.

The brief was to produce a campaign identity for Rock the Box, which is a music filled event run and designed by members of the public. The campaign aims to raise money and also awareness to the disasters in Syria. An A3/A4 illustrative poster was required, which would encourage the intended audience (18-30yr old M/F students) to attend an event, grabbing their attention.

There was a few creative elements in which we had to consider and also a set colour palette to stick to. With all this in mind I created the poster above.

I used a drum kit as the main image as it gave a clear indication of what the poster was about and I continued this into the text by having the X of the word Box made up of two drumsticks. The drum bass was kept blank to allow the artists or band to write in their own information.
I stepped out of my comfort zone with this poster as it was a tight deadline to make and I also introduced colour going for a more illustrative feel which as you can see from my blog isn’t my normal style.

Faith Nelson 2103

Unfortunately my poster was up against two third years and after a four-hour debate on which poster to choose, mine lost the battle. For the time we dedicated to each of our posters we all got given a Goody bag full of Supporting Syria merchandise…the dog was worth it.

Feedback is always welcome


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