Aged 19 and I’ve only just been to London, went to Amsterdam, had to go to London! Experienced the hectic tube, the amazing street entertainers and the beautiful window displays. With only having two days in London and suffering from Glandular fever, I didn’t get to do a lot or go to see a design studio I really wanted to see, but regardless it was a great trip. I plan to visit London in the near future again!


Graduation Guide

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Graduation Guide for Design Students by Moniek Paus

‘Process is more important than outcome. Don’t stop experimenting and keep exploring. It’s alright to get a little lost…’

Not only is this little book full of cute illustrative pictures but the cover is a fold out poster which continues in the same illustrative design. A beautiful little book, written in a friendly tone, and a must for a designers book shelf.

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I think I should start drinking coffee…


© 2013 Faith Nelson

© 2013 Faith Nelson


Last month with University I visited the city of Amsterdam, the aim of this study trip was to visit some design studios and also to get a feeling for Dutch design. Before going to Amsterdam, I had heard many great things about the city and it didn’t disappoint. It is a beautiful, clean city full of life and bikes!

The design studios I visited were;

  • De Designpolitie –
  • Total Identity –
  • Trapped In Suburbia –
  • Thonik –
  • KesselsKramer –

and the museums;

  • Stedelijk –
  • MOTI –

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So if your still reading this I’m going to share with you my favourite moments of Amsterdam…

The design studios, they were amazing. Each one had something special and invaluable to share. By visiting these studios it made my career path clearer, before this trip I was under the impression that I wanted to work in a small close-knit studio where I got to see my design through until the finished piece however by the end of this journey I realised I liked the thought of working in a much larger studio. This could change when I’ve experienced studios in more depth, but for now this is where I stand!
Buddha! Thonik had this cheeky chap (a young springer) running around the studio and he sat on my feet! I do love springers!
The range of studio spaces, some weird and wonderful and some simple and office like. When the designers at KesselsKramer have a bad day they climb their wooden fort in the middle of the church, play with some Lego and go for a dive off their own personal diving board whereas when Total Identity need a break they gaze over their beautiful view. I wonder what my studio will be like.
& lastly, Bikes. The bike culture in Amsterdam is a designer paradise.

I would just like to take a moment to thank the design studios for their time and would highly recommend everyone to check them out… Especially KesselsKramers’ website, make sure to press F5!

Would I visit Amsterdam again? Yes please, just give me a reason to go and I’ll be there!


© 2013 Faith Nelson

A cheeky teaser for your monday night!

It’s the end of term soon, so I will be in the process of uploading more work. I’m also changing the format of my blog soon and also planning on doing more writing on current issues/ topics in the design world! So look out for these exciting new changes!