Bright Energy


A new product has been discovered that is both unique and revolutionary; one that will generate a completely new market and is yet to be introduced to the general public.You are charged with the task of devising a strategy that will identify the potential customer and bring this new product or invention to the appropriate markets.The product will need to be branded and given a professional identity. If applicable, it may require packaging design plus a look and feel, along with a language which is fitting for the market opportunity. This will then be promoted with an appropriate choice of media.

Vampire Energy’ – A product which prevents electricity from being consumed when appliances are not being used.


I began my idea generation by focusing on three possible routes that all concentrated on different approaches, which I could then develop my ‘Vampire Energy’ product around. The three umbrellas were;

Key words; green, efficient, thoughtful, peaceful and user-friendly
Target audience; possibly home-owners,people who enjoy protecting the planet, mature
and aware.

Key words; technology, power, money and accessible
Target audience; gadget geeks, men and businessmen

Key words; profitable, saving, mature, practical and intellectual
Target audience; Families, home-owner’s, parents, older generations

Chosen Brand Idea

Vampire Energy = Energy Bank
Stressed? Kids glued to the computer screens, bills piling up and money not stretching as far these days? Here at Energy Bank we can help, we can guarantee to save you money. Starting now. Our intellectual products are efficient and easy to use, not only saving you money but saving you time. Start saving today and feel your stress slowly
dissolving away.


Bright Energy – A colour changing socket to show the energy consumption to make the consumer more aware of the energy they’re consuming. Glowing green would mean good energy consumption, amber a warning light and red meaning high energy consumption.



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