Goodbye Norwich

My time has come to an end, I’ve finished my placement at Farrows on Wednesday and I’m travelling back to Falmouth tomorrow. Where does time go…

My placement at Farrows I feel was fairly successful. I did three briefs within the time I was there, one which was a live brief. The work I completed for the live brief actually got chosen by the client and will be used for their company! I’ve attached my feedback form for you all to see how I did & I’ll be completing a written feedback form myself too. Everyone I met at Farrows are lovely and welcoming and one of the girls even welcomed me back which was lovely to hear. With the fast paced environment of Farrows maybe I’ll be more productive these next few months and transfer the skills I’ve learnt over into my university work!

Norwich has certainly been a lovely treat too, very cute and dainty with all the cobbled streets and cafes! I hope to have a reason to come back and visit again soon. For now its time to pack up my bags and get a good nights kip before the long journey tomorrow. Start back work sunday and two deadlines looming, I have a busy week… so may be quiet for a little while.

Have a lovely weekend!



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