Slowly but surely.

I promised you updates, so here’s a quicky!

After looking at a whole lot of websites to see which type appeals the most, I decided to create a parallax website using the Skrollr plug-in. Designing the layers within photoshop and then compiling them in my website programme to form the website.

I’m half way through my time and I feel like I’ve only just started! Let’s see what the next week brings.



So after purchasing both a domain and a web hosting server in December last year and not having the time or patience to do anything about it, I have decided to set myself a challenge. This challenge consists of me designing, (learning html, css, query etc) coding and to complete my website for the 12th September 2014. Which gives me roughly thirty days…blimey! I’ll be giving you sneak previews by blogging throughout the month on my progress, which hopefully will all be positive! My website at the moment contains a wonderful countdown which will keep you all updated on how long I have left. P.s apart from the jquery countdown I did all that myself. I’m so happy! Anyway busy busy I have a website to build. Adios.

UPDATE. I took on a major rebrand of a university department during this challenge. Extra 7 days added to my challenge, if it’s not done by then. Tough! See you in seven shattering days.