Dreaded diss…

Since secondary school I’ve been aware of the compulsory dreaded dissertation you HAD to do at university… but when I was 15 I imagined time would move much slower than it has. Five years later at the ripe age of 20 (five years have flown), I’ve just handed in my dissertation, oh and what a relief! I chose to do my dissertation on The Value of Art and Design in the National Curriculum, in the hope that the extensive research would give me enough knowledge on teaching as a possible career route. I’ve always hoped to become a teacher one day, whether that’s after a few years in the design industry who knows! (I start volunteering at a nursery next week, I’m so excited!) Blood, sweat and tears went into this diss… so I’m uploading for the world to see, feel free to educate yourself on the value of art and design and give it a read. Or if you’re feeling social, pop me an email and I’m more than happy to summarise and chat!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!