18 days and counting…

So it was the RSA Vaults last week and I exhausted myself to get together a self promotional package… business cards, website, portfolio yada yada. However, in the end I did it & I was so happy with the outcome! All work can be seen here via Behance.

The RSA evening is a portfolio show and tell held in London, where Falmouth University invite professionals from all over London to give advice on our portfolios. I received so much helpful advice, the evening was a real success and I’m so thankful to all the professionals who took the time out to speak to me!

I have 18 days until my final ever university deadline, and the workload and pressure is high. So high… my eyeballs are already sunken and my face is starting to sag. But I have a mountain of coffee, salted caramel chocolate and dominos on speed dial to help me get through these next couple of weeks.

I have an exciting new freelance project coming up and with the advice from the London professionals, its time to start developing my illustration skills and getting my little Etsy shop up and running. Having an Etsy shop is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but haven’t had the time or confidence to go for it… until now!

These next few months are going to see some v.big changes, hopefully for the better. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated



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