What is SciArt?

‘Art and science have long shared a common ground; the ground of boundless inquiry about the nature of our existence. It has only been for the past few decades, however, that artists have turned their creative gaze towards the sciences as their sole source of artistic information, inspiration, and conceptualisation. SciArt, or science-based art, is the avant-garde of the art world, with an increasing number of artists who hold doctorate degrees in the sciences, who are funded by the National Science Foundation, and who hold artistic residencies in scientific institutions such as CERN.’ – Julia Buntaine

When asked to bring in a piece of SciArt, I decided to bring in images of the Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum (MUSA). The coral reefs in Cancun have received an overwhelming amount of visitors over the years, which has taken it’s toll on the natural areas and ecosystems. MUSA was designed as a unique way to draw people away from the coral reefs and create an artificial one where coral can grow and marine life can breed. MUSA integrates contemporary art and marine life, conveying a message of hope and environmental awareness.



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