Daily Inspo | Green 3D Printers

The printer produces living prints, printing customised objects in a variety of sizes and forms. The project was created at the University of Maribor in Slovenia. The project’s goal is to unite art, technology, and nature, creatively producing living designs with the help of technology.
The “ink” in the machine is a combination of soil, seeds, and water which can be designed to print in any shape or letter. After drying, the muddy mixture holds its form and begins to sprout grass from the organic material.


Daily Inspo | Exploding plants

Slow motion footage of violets, touch me nots, and poisonous squirting cucumbers as they explode in some incredible ways. It would seem the touch me nots, are highly strung and squirting cucumbers are similar to men! Who knew plants were so unusual.

Botany Research

Being naturally drawn to more traditional techniques and less inclined to using technology in my practice, I decided to go out into the wild (Moses Gate Country Park) and collect plant samples and images for myself. These samples will be pressed and used in sketchbook research and pressed into clay to collect relief prints. I will also be using their natural liquid to try to produce prints and paintings, like the artist Jai Redman.


Images collected by Faith Nelson, 2016

Jai Redman is a visual artist, his work deals with personal experiences as an environmental direct activist and social justice campaigner in the UK over the last 25 years. Jai Redman uses water collected from the subject he is painting or anything which is relevant to the subject, his work is currently being showcased in the Manchester Art Gallery.



Daily Inspo | Skeleton Flower

“The Diphelleia grayi or “Skeleton Flower” is finally a reason to look forward to rainy days. This rare flower transforms into a translucent beauty [its skeletal form] when exposed to water, its white petals becoming completely clear while wet, then transforming back to their original color once dry.” – Sierzputowski, 2015

Found in only three locations in the world: China, Japan and US