A photogram is a photographic print made by laying objects on to photographic paper and exposing it to light.

The two prints above are two prints I produced this month (Jan 2016), this was my first experience of photographic paper and therefore there are some errors which I can correct for my next session. Like the rectangle situated directed in the centre of the two pieces, this was caused by the plastic I laid on top of the sheets to keep the objects in place. Also theres some blurring on the prints, this could be due to low exposure to the sun – it is winter! Or could be an error when placing the objects on the paper. I plan to experiment once the weathers less gloomy.

I started experimenting with photographic paper after a conversation in a SciArt meeting, when another student showed me the work of Anna Atkins. Atkins is a “British botanist whose use of cyanotypes – or ‘sunprints‘ – of plants and algae in botanical studies paved the way for the use of photography in scientific publishing.” (Gibbs, 2015) Some of her work can be seen below.



Gibbs, J. (2015) Anna Atkins: This is why British scientist who produced first photographic book has been given a Google Doodle. Available at: (Accessed: 4 January 2017).


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