A hive of activity

A standard Sunday evening, when dad grabs the remote control after waking up and demands that Countryfile is on TV. Usually this annoys me to no end, but this episode could have been written for my project!

Helen Skelton visited the National Botanic Garden of Wales, where they are creating a wonderful piece of SciArt. 50 locals have come together to cross stitch every flower known to be harvested by the gardens bees.

The group has also been illustrating the results of our honey bee research by creating hexagons for each plant foraged on, which we identify from the DNA in the honey. Continuing the theme, pollinator groups is the plan for ongoing projects; with hoverflies, solitary bees, bumblebees and butterflies all on the agenda.



BBC, 2017, Countryfile Carmarthenshire, Online Video, 15 January 2017. Available from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08bcln2/countryfile-carmarthenshire. (Accessed: 16 January 2017).

Jones. L., 2016, The Stitching Botanicals’ Secret Garden, Online, Available at: https://botanicgarden.wales/post/2016/09/the-stitching-botanicals-secret-garden/. (Accessed 16 January 2017).


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