Nature As Designer

‘So many books have been published emphasising the beautiful world of flowers and plants, yet fruits are generally neglected or totally ignored.’ (Bager, 1971)

Nature as designer is an insightful book written by Bertel Bager, it looks at plants for their beauty and complexity. The book is poetically written and contains beautiful imagery, as can be seen below.

Bager (1971), mentions some interesting points regarding plants such as the Thorn Apple, that contains the poisonous substance which has long been used in the treatment for asthma. And the Dandelion that is incredibly vital, if the tiniest piece of root is left in the ground, a new plant will soon appear. The dandelion is the most despised weed.




Bager. B., 1971, Nature as Designer, A Botanical Art Study, New Impression Edition, Frederick Warne and Co.



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