Exhibition planning

27 days
4 weeks
0 months
648 hours
38880 minutes
2332800 seconds and counting…

Until Exploration of Experimentation!
The exhibition has started to take shape.

After a long discussion and lots of poster variations, we have gone ahead with a very simple pleasing poster designed by Damyon Garrity. The poster gives everyone an equal opportunity to have their work seen and also Damyon has created a fantastic 3D alternative.
A catalogue is being created by Katie Laura J, everyone will be having a single page with an image and 50-100 words describing their SciArt project.

Abi Knott & Mick Jongeling have volunteered to liaise with Making our futures and Digital Futures to curate a lovely exhibition space.

Facebook Event
I am in charge of the fb event page and aim to post an image a day of students work along with an optional story. A .gif will also we pinned to the top of the page, showcasing everyones work.

Eventbrite Event
Damyon Garrity has created the Eventbrite page and will be emailing this invitation to potential employers!


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