Exhibition Plan

For my exhibition I will be focusing on plant blindness, the piece exhibited will be part of a larger project. For my practice I am aiming to create a book which promotes plants and flowers which are importance for modern life. The book will be a children’s reference book, where’s wally esque, allowing children to not only learn new and relevant knowledge but to become botanical explorers.
The exhibition piece will represent this larger project (an advertisement almost), but it will also protest against plant blindness and encourage people to see plants for their importance.


The piece will be a wire child looking up at one of the pages from the book and flowers which are directly linked to the page the child is looking at will be falling from the child heads into the rest of the body and floor, as if the child is soaking up all the knowledge and making the child more aware of nature bringing it back to earth… (Hello hippy!)

  • Sense of connection with nature
  • Poor knowledge of plants needs to be addressed
  • The book will be informative and playful
  • Ethnobotany
  • Journal style to educate children on the importance of plants but retaining the explorer side of original botanists, where they went out to find the plants themselves, recognising distinguishing features
  • Everyday plants, medicinal, food etc



  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Protests against plant blindness, a new topic – current

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