“Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes it visible.” – Paul Klee

For one of my modules at university I have chosen to study SciArt. SciArt looks at the two disciplines science and art, and how they can be combined to create images and objects, along with ways of redefining ‘art’ and what we mean by ‘science’. Science and Art are usually viewed as two completely different subjects, one of an academic background and the other of a creative nature. However, when you start to study the ¬†subjects, they have more similarities than originally thought. Both scientists and artists look at problems and questions, investigating, researching and experimenting to try and find a solution. Scientists and artists both embark on a journey of discovery.

This module will allow me to explore a SciArt topic of my choice, at the end of the module I will present my discovery via a ten minute presentation, this research blog and also by taking part in an exhibition late February 2017.

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