Mundane I think not…



I was asked to select an object/ subject from a long mundane list of items. This item would be one of familiarity, so familiar in fact we wouldn’t acknowledge its existence in everyday life. I was then to research this item in great depth and find unusual facts which are not commonly known, once found I was to show this single piece of information within a final design.

Restrictions- the final outcome should fit within a 50x50cm space.

On first glance, I was excited at what this first project could bring, however due to lack of decision-making and power of deductions I ended up with a stapler as my chosen subject matter. A Stapler proved hard to research at first, however when this stage was coming to its end, I had two strong leads, a stapler could be linked with crime & politics. Two subjects matters which are conveniently hand in hand already.

For my final piece, I went along the crime route and decided to merge a stapler with two items of machinery, a revolver and a canon. The final outcome consisted of two A3 posters, both of which were handcrafted.


The 11th Hour.

With two thousand & twelve coming to a close and two thousand & thirteen looming upon us, I decided to kick-start my blog into life. This blog was created many months ago by a young aspiring designer who didn’t really know where she fit into the world. Not enjoying life to its utmost potential and wasting her days away. Being that young designer I am now ready to pull up my socks and hopefully show you the wonders of life and why it should be cherished! So let’s get cracking!